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Carina Skin Care | About:

Carina’s Skin Care Studio offers a serene haven where, in an atmosphere that is as comfortable as it is professional, clients receive the expert and personal attention of owner, Carina Tanijian.
Carina launched her career almost a decade ago at the acclaimed Los Angeles Face Place. Since that time, she has earned a dedicated client following including a roster of celebrity clientele.
With an outstanding reputation for providing expert skin care, carina offers each client a unique spa escape in her one-on-one studio setting. No rush. No distractions. Just bliss and uninterrupted relaxation.
In addition to the facial treatment, Carina’s Skin Care Studio offers an array of specially formulated, anti-aging skincare products to clients. Carina’s skincare products are designed to support scheduled visits to the studio, and are accompanied by at home instructions for her simple “no nonsense” skincare regime.

The 70-minute treatment uses galvanic microcurrent which introduces a water-soluble solution into the dermal layer of the skin by a process called “iontophoresis”. The only way we can truly penetrate the skin and affect it’s lower layers is to draw vitamin-rich solutions into the dermal tissue by means of electricity. This microcurrent also helps firm the skin, promote new cell growth and stimulate cell production.
The galvanic treatment process has also proved extremely effective in the medical arena where it is recommended for pre and post laser and surgical procedures.

You will immediately notice exceptionally clean and rejuvenated skin after the first treatment. A combination of treatments and proper use of the recommended skincare products will give your skin the appearance of smoother and more youthful tone and texture.
Treat yourself, or someone you know, to one of Carina’s expert and unique facials. You will immediately feel and see the difference.

In addition you can receive a microdermabrassion procedure with your treatment, which will enhance the results even more.

Microdermabrassion also known as the power peel is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation process. This procedure uses a painless technique where skin’s imperfections are removed without damaging its integrity. The result is smooth youthful appearance, most effective for the following conditions.
1. Improves acne scarring
2. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
3. Exfoliates and rejuvenates
4. Minimizes white and black heads
5. Improves hyper pigmentation
6. Helps restore sun damaged skin.

Treat yourself or someone you know to one of Carina’s expert and unique facials. You will immediately feel and see the difference.
Call to schedule an appointment and experience the transformation for yourself.
Gift certificates are available.